Cultural festival about Arvo Pärt

Join the activities in the weekend of May 20-22, 2022

Pärtpetuum puts a spell on Delft

Music, dance, theater, choral singing, workshops, movie, yoga, carillon and more


May 20-22, 2022

Over an entire weekend, the music of Arvo Pärt will ring out in the beautiful historic city center of Delft.
Participate in workshops, enjoy a lecture about the life of the composer, listen to his music, join yoga, take a night-tour to special locations in the inner city.
Pärtpetuum is a continuous festival celebrating the cultural treasures created by Arvo Pärt

Take the walk “Searching blindly in the dark”, about Pärt’s crisis longlasting search for a personal stylel. The route takes you along special spots in the historic city center of Delft, with intimate as well as grand perfomances of Arvo Pärt from various cultural societies across Delft.

Attend the workshop by countertenor David Hurley, former member of the world-famous ensemble The Kings’ Singers. Or be inspired by Pärt-connoisseur Raoul Boesten, when you are an experienced singer.

There is a documentary about Arvo Pärt in Filmhuis Lumen. Enjoy a lecture on the composer's life by Raoul Boesten. Let your children move on Pärt's music.
Listen to Pärt's music during a yoga- or dance lesson by Andjanie Bahorie, or by the carillon on the Markt played by Marianna Marras. Visit the concert by Kamerkoor Delft Blue in the Maria van Jessekerk,

Pärtpetuum: continuous delight in the cultural treasures of Arvo Pärt.

Pärtpetuum is organized by Kamerkoor Delft Blue and Koorschool Delft. A dozen cultural societies from Delft directed by experienced professionals also contribute. The festival is supported by the municipality of Delft, Fonds 1818, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, VSB-fonds and the Embassy of Estonia.

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